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Andronik (Nikolsky) of Perm

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[[Image: Bishop_Adronik_Kyoto.jpg |thumb|Hieromartyr Andronik of Perm as Bishop of Kyoto (1907)]]
On [[November 5]], 1906, Andronik was consecrated [[bishop]] of Kyoto and assistant to Bp. Nicholas. He was the first bishop of Kyoto, which is the seat of the West Japan diocese of the Orthodox [[Church of Japan]]. Although Bishop Andronik was the bishop of Kyoto, he lived in nearby Osaka which, while it then was the second largest city in Japan, was also the area where most Orthodox faithful lived. After he arrived in Osaka, he began to feel ill and found performing his duties difficult. After serving in Osaka for three months he asked leave to resign and to depart from Japan, and on [[May 27]], 1907, he left Japan and returned to Russia. There he was assigned on [[October 26]] to be the deputy to Bishop Eulogius of Kholm. In 1908, he was assigned as bishop of Tikhvin in Novgorod diocese.

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