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Bishoy Kamel

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{{oriental}}[[Image:FrBishoyKamel.jpg|right|thumb|Fr Bishoy Kamel ([[December 6|6 December]] 1931- [[March 21|21 March]] 1979)]] The [[Coptic]] Orthodox [[archpriest]] '[[Abouna]]' '''Bishoy Kamel''' (1931-1979) was born Samy Kamel in Sirrs-Alliaan, Menoufia, Egypt, in 1931. Raised He was raised in Damenhour, Egypt , where he received his early education. He attended the school School of Sciences, Alexandria University, and graduated with B.Sc. degree in 1951. While working as a Science teacher in public schools, he continued his postgraduate at Alexandria University and received a degree in literature in 1954 and was appointed an instructor at the Education College, Alexandria University. He was ordained [[priest]] in December 1959.
During his early life as a teacher and Sunday School Servant, he was a very active [[Church]] servant, and also offered free tutoring to kids who needed help. When he became [[priest]], he kept that promise of full time service to the last breath. He so despised material things, that material things were thrown under his feet. An eye witness saw him one night at the Church puzzled because a young woman came asking for financial help. She was followed by a student asking for money to pay college registration fees. This little worry did not last long. Our late Fr. Bishoy asked them both to wait. While waiting, a little girl walked in and handed him an envelope stuffed with money. When he asked her name, She just answered saying: "My mother Mary sends this to you." All the needs were met that night. In Egypt, feasts ([[Christmas]], [[Theophany|Epiphany]], [[Easter]]) are celebrated at night. The late Fr. Bishoy Kamel always went to distribute food and gifts to some of the needy in his [[congregation ]] after the feast mass service. Because he always felt the importance of sharing the meaning of the Lord's feasts. His wife got used to it.
He started [ St. George Coptic Orthodox Church in Sporting, Alexandria] (where he is buried). Some advised him not to accept having associate priests, but he was not the one to fear competition. The number of priests at the Church reached five and all had more work than they could do. By the standards of his time, he was but a young man running a big Cathedral and very good at it!
His preaching was deep in spiritual meaning, and seasoned with the word of God presented in practical terms. It was supported by examples from the [[Bible]], Church history, [[tradition]], and the life of the [[Saints]]. His voice in the [[Liturgy]] was low (you can even say weak) but very comforting to the listeners. This brought great multitudes to church not only for the liturgy but for the evening prayers as well. He was so humble, many a time he wondered why people praised him. He always felt he was not deserving, as he always felt he did not do enough. His example is clearly felt in those who new him and also in those who just heard about him.
==Sourcesand further reading==
* [ The ''Transfigured Cross: A Study of Father Bishoi Kamel (6 December 1931- 21 March 1979)'' by John H Watson]
* [ Photo album of Father Bishoy Kamel]
*[ The Journey of the Pure Apostles - by Fr. Bishoy Kamel]
*[ The Journey Through Lent with Isaiah the Prophet - by Fr. Bishoy Kamel]
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