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Modern Iconographers
===Fr. Paul Akmolin===
Fr. Paul is an iconographer in the Jordanville school and is the priest of [ Christ the Savior Orthodox Mission in Wayne, WV]. You can view his iconography and commission icons from him through his site [ Orthodox hand-painted icons]
===Matthew Garrett===
[[Image:s_jdamnewsmall.jpg|thumb|St. John of Damascus]]Matthew is an iconographer based in Blairsville PA with 15 years experience.
He has worked with Philip Zimmerman of St. John of Damascus Icon Studio since he began as Phil's apprentice in 1991. In 1998 Matthew started his own Studio, and takes both large and small commissions, as well as continuing to collaborate with Mr. Zimmerman.
His work hangs in homes and churches across the United States. Matthew works with acrylic paints, and uses 23K gold leaf. He specializes in unusual subjects, complex compositions, and great detail.
You can view his gallery at []
===Bridget Julia Hayes===

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