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'''From the [[OrthodoxWiki:Style Manual]]:''' "Articles on Non-Orthodox Christian religious groups, while necessarily including some general description of those groups, should have as their primary content the relationship and history of that group in relation to the Orthodox Church." Among other things, this could include:
*information which would help for Orthodox Christians (who are not necessarily theologically trained) evaluate a particular group from an Orthodox perspective.
* an account of the history of relations between that religious group and the Orthodox churches (e.g. in the history of the [[Anglican Church]] the [[Fellowship of SsSt. Alban and St. Sergius]] should be mentioned as well as the interaction of St. [[Raphael Hawaweeny]] with the [[Episcopal Church U.S.A.]]
'''Note:''' Many jurisdictions make a canonical distinction (esp. with regard to [[baptism|baptismal practice]]) between those groups which acknowledge the authority of Holy Scripture and hold to an essentially Orthodox Christology (generally speaking this would include [[Baptists]], [[Presbyterians]], [[Lutherans]], [[Methodists]], free-church [[Evangelicals]], and [[Charismatics]]) and those groups which have more in common with ancient [[heresies]] than traditional Christianity ([[Jehovah's Witnesses]], [[Mormons]], etc.).
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