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[[Image:BillKosarFrNicolaiLydiaNicolaido29Oct02.jpg|thumb|right|Bill Kosar (Wsk) with my wife Lydia and Fr. Nicolai at Tokyo's "Nicolai-do" Cathedral]]
I am a retired U.S.Navy Commander who had served in Japan, France and Antarctica as well as various places in the U.S. I was married by Archbishop Ireney at Nicolai-do Cathedral to the daughter of the director of the Nicolai-do choir. So, my interst in the Japanese Orthodox Church!
William S. Kosar Jr. (Wsk), baptized as Vasily, reposed in the Lord at the age of 83 on July 2, 2013 at his residence in Vienna, VA, after Holy Communion and a month after his last edit at Orthodoxwiki. <ref></ref><ref>!topic/alt.religion.christian.east-orthodox/enP7vhSMiXE</ref> {{Userbox admin}} {{acceptrevised}}  [[Category:User Pages|Wsk]]

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