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Augustine of Hippo

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Reception of Augustine in the Orthodox Church: added Yannaras quote
There is at least one book explicitly dealing with the issue of Augustine's place in Orthodoxy, ''The Place of Blessed Augustine in the Orthodox Church'' by Fr. [[Seraphim Rose]] (ISBN 0938635123), which is generally favorable toward Augustine, citing his importance as a saint in terms of his confessional and devotional writings rather than in his theology. Its cover includes a traditional Greek icon of Augustine, where he is labelled as '''Ο ΑΓΙΟΣ ΑΥΓΟΥΣΤΙΝΟΣ'''—"Saint Augustine."
Another view is expressed by [[Christos Yannaras]], who descibed Augustine as "the fount of every distortion and alteration in the Church's truth in the West" (''The Freedom of Morality'', p. 151n.).

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