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John of Kronstadt

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Saint '''John of Kronstadt''' ([[October 19]], 1829 in Sura - [[December 20]], 1908 in Kronstadt), was a [[Church of Russia|Russian orthodox ]] [[archpriest ]] and member of the [[synod ]] of the [[Church of Russia|Russian Orthodox Church]].
He was born as Ivan Ilyich Sergiyev in 1829. From 1855, he worked as a priest in Saint Andew's cathedral in Kronstadt. Here, he greatly commited himself to charity, especially for those who were remote from the [[church]], and travelled extensively throughout the Russian empire. He was a member of the right extremist Sojuz Russkogo Naroda (Alliance of the Russian people), but did not commit himself politically. He was already greatly venerated at the time he died. He was [[Glorification|canonized]] by the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia]] in 1964 and by the Russian Orthodox Church in 1990. The second largest [[monastery]] of St Petersburg (by community size) is dedicated to St. John of Kronstadt.

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