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[[Apollinarianism]] is a relatively obscure fourth-century [[Christology |Christological]] [[heresy]]. Named after [[Apollinarius]] of Laodoecia, its main author, Appollinarianism Apollinarianism teaches that the flesh of [[Jesus Christ]] did not have had a human body and a human [[soul]] but no human rational mind (nous), because a [[soul]] was not necessary for the Divine Logoshad taken its place. Apollinarianism was condemned at the [[Second Ecumenical Council]] together with [[Macedonianism]] and other Christological and Trinitarian heresies. Adherents of [[Nestorianism]] sometimes accused Orthodox and [[Monophysitism|monophysite]] theologians of Apollinarianism. == Source ==*Talberg, D. N., ''История Христианской Церкви (A History of the Christian Church)'', Moscow, Russia: St Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Institute. [[ApollinarianismCategory:Heresies]] [[el:Απολιναρισμός]][[ro:Apolinarianism]].

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