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[[Image:Theotokos of VladimirXenophon.jpg|100px|Our Holy Lady TheotokosSt. Xenophon]]
</div>[[Saint]] Xenophon and his wife, Saint Mary, and their two sons, Saints Arcadius and John, of Constantinople; Saint Symeon "the Ancient" of Mount Sinai; Martyrs Ananias the [[presbyter]], Peter, and seven soldiers, in Phoenicia; Saint Joseph, [[Bishop]] of Thessaloniki (see also [[July 14]]), brother of St. [[Theodore the Studite|Theodore of the Studion]] (see also [[November 11]]); Saint Gabriel, [[Abbot]] at Jerusalem, and Saint Ammon, [[disciple]] of St. [[Anthony the Great]] (see also [[January 17]]); Saint David III, king of Georgia; [[New-Martyr]] Cyril, [[Metropolitan]] of Kazan; New [[Hieromartyr]] Arcadius; New-Martyr [[Matushka]] Maria of Gatchina; two martyrs of Phrygia; Saint Clement of Mount Stirion, [[monk]]; Saint Xenophon of Robika, monk; Saint Conan, Bishop of the Isle of Man; translation of the [[relics]] of Saint [[Theodore the Studite|Theodore]], Abbot of the Studion (see also [[November 11]]). '''Other events:''' repose of Metropolitan Gabriel of Novgorod and St. Petersburg
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