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Gennadius Scholarius

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Gennadius was unhappy as [[patriarch]], and tried to abdicate his position at least twice. Eventually, he found the tensions between the Greeks and the Ottomans overwhelming, and he retired to the Monastery of John the Baptist near Serrae in Macedonia, where he died in about 1473. About 100 of his alleged writings exist, the majority in manuscript and of doubtful authenticity.
As far as is known, his writings may be classified into philosophical (interpretations of Aristotle, Porphyry, and others, translations of Petrus Hispanus and Thomas Aquinas, and defenses of Aristotelianism against the recrudescence of Neoplatonism) and theological and ecclesiastical (partly concerning the union and partly defending Christianity against [Muslims, Jews, and pagans), in addition to numerous homilies, hymns, and letters.
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