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[[Image:Pantokrator of SinaiHaralampos.jpg|100px|St. Haralampos]]</div>[[Hieromartyr Haralampos ]] Haralambos the wonder[[Wonder-worker]], bishop [[Bishop]] of Magnesiain Thessaly, and [[Martyr]]s Porphyrius and Baptus; [[Virgin-Martyr]]s Ennatha, Valentina, and Paula of Palestine; [[Venerable]] Prochorus of the [[Kiev Caves]]; [[Saint]] Anna, wife of Yaroslav I "the Wise" of Novgorod; Saint Longinus, [[monk]] of Koryazhemsk (Vologda); [[New-Martyr]] Anatole, [[Metropolitan]] of Odessa; Martyr Haralambos (another) and three women companions; Saint Anastasius, [[Archbishop]] of Jerusalem; Saint John Chimchimeli the Philosopher; Venerable Zenon; Saint Merwinna, [[Abbess]] of Romsey; Saint Trumwin, Bishop of Abercorn; Saint [[Scholastica]], [[nun]] of Plombariola; [[synaxis]] of the [[hierarch]]s of Novgorod, some of whose [[relics]] were buried in the Cathedral of the Holy Wisdom (Agia Sophia) in Novgorod (see also [[October 4]]): Sts. Joachim, Luke, Herman (Germanus), Arcadius, John (see [[September 7]]), Gregory, Martyrius, Anthony, Basil, Simeon, Euthymius (see [[March 11]]), Gennadius (see [[December 4]]), Pimen, Aphthonius (see [[April 6]])<!-- The relics of these saints were buried or transferred to Novgorod's Sophia Cathedral (except for St. Germanus, St. Gennadius and St. Pimen) therefore, in some sources their names are not included in the Synaxis. --->, Theodore, Gabriel, and Moses (see also [[January 25]]); [[Icon]] of the Most Holy [[Theotokos]] of Areovindus<noinclude>[[Category:Calendar day templates|February 10]]</noinclude>

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