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[[Image:Bedenj2.jpg|100px|left]]The Our father among the [[saints]] '''[[Bede|Venerable BedeNicholas of Japan]]''' (c. 672 - , [[May 25Equal-to-the-Apostles|Equal to the Apostles]], 735) was a ([[monkAugust 1]] at the Northumbrian , 1836 &#8211; [[monasteryFebruary 3]] of St. Peter at Wearmouth (today part of Sunderland, 1912), and of its daughter monastery, St. Paul's, brought Orthodoxy to [[Orthodoxy in modern JarrowJapan|Japan]]. He is well known was sent to Japan as an author and scholar, whose best-known work is ''a [[Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorummissionary]]'' (''The Ecclesiastical History of by the English People''), which gained him the title ''The Father of English History''. [[SaintChurch of Russia]] Bede wrote on many other topics, from music . He worked tirelessly among the Japanese people and musical metrics to established there the [[scriptureChurch of Japan]] commentaries. His [[feast day]] is observed on May 25 or [[May 27February 3]].
Throughout his life, St Nicholas set an example of a true spiritual director wholly devoted to his ministry. He was a man of inexhaustible energy, firm commitment, and outstanding efficiency. He said once:''"Better I consider it inappropriate for a stupid and unlettered brother who, working the good things missionary to retire unless he knowsis totally unable to serve. I have never tried on a 'robe de chambre, merits life in Heaven than one who though being distinguished for his learning ' not even in my dreams. I would better die on the Scriptures, or even holding the place of a doctor, lacks the bread of lovefield where God's Providence destined me to plough and sow."'' :β€”St. Bede the Venerable
His private life was that of an [[asceticism|ascetic]]. He never tried to perform any special feat, but rather surrendered his entire soul to God. His life was marked with hardships and willfulness, self-appraisals and tiredness, and the feebleness of an old man. However, the saint's life was a clear manifestation of success in overcoming these hardships through the fulfilment of [[Christ]]'s commandments, shown to the whole world. '''''Recently featured:''' [[Bede]], [[Gregory Palamas]], [[John Chrysostom]], [[Filioque]], [[Theotokos]]. Newly [[:Category:Featured Articles|featured articles]] are presented every '''Friday'''.''
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