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Lenten Triodion

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:2. Sunday of the [[Prodigal Son]] ([[Gospel of Luke|Luke]] 15:11-32), and
:3. Sunday of the [[Last Judgment]] (also called [[Meatfare Sunday]]; [[Gospel of Matthew|Matt]] 25:31-46).
:4. Sunday of [[Forgiveness Sunday|Forgiveness]] (also called [[Cheesefare Sunday]]; the expulsion of [[Adam ]] from Eden is also a theme of this day); [[Gospel of Matthew|Matt]] 6:14-21.
The Church eases us into the Lenten [[fasting]] discipline during this period. The week following the Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee is fast-free. The week following the Prodigal Son is a normal week -- we fast as usual on Wednesday and Friday. In the week following Meatfare Sunday, no meat is eaten; eggs, fish, and dairy are permitted on any day.
Forgiveness Sunday brings the period of preparation to an end. The next day, [[Pure Monday]], begins Great Lent. The [[Vespers]] service served on the evening of Forgiveness Sunday includes the Rite of Mutual Forgiveness and is the first service of Great Lent.
== Great Lent ==
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