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José (Cortés y Olmos) of Mexico City

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His Grace the Right Reverend Bishop '''Jose (Cortes y Olmos) of Mexico City''' was first Bishop of Mexico City of the new Orthodox Exarchate of Mexico. Bp. Jose had been [[bishop]] of the Mexican National Catholic Church, a Mexican reactionary movement away from the colonialist Spanish Roman Catholic Church. He led his church to Orthodox Christianity, petitioning the [[Orthodox Church in America]] in 1971 for acceptance. After he and his clergy were accepted as Orthodox [[priest]]s, he was consecrated Bishop of Mexico City in 1972 to lead his community as an [[exarchate]] of the Orthodox Church in America.

The future Bishop Jose was born in Santa Teresa, Guana Juato, Mexico on [[August 5]], 1923 into a devout Roman Catholic family. His father was Juan Jose Cortes and his mother Maria del Refugio Olmos. He began his education in the Santa Teresa Federal School before entering a Jesuit middle school and then a Jesuit [[seminary]]. He continued his higher theological education in Barcelona, Spain and in Rome, Italy receiving a Doctorate in Canon Law. After completing his education he moved to Havana, Cuba where he taught at the Jesuit College of Belen. He also was a leader in Cuba in the “Catholic Youth Action

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