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[[Image:ChristtheSaviour.JPG|left|200px]]Greetings. I am exploring Orthodoxy and have found this a great resource for an Orthodox Christian, a [[Wikipedia:geek|geeky]] type like meconvert from Roman Catholicism. You can find me on [[Wikipedia:User:Sensor|Wikipedia]] I have come to love and also on cherish the [[Commons:User:Sensor|Wikimedia Commons]]Holy Orthodox Church in all its glory. Glory to God! S Nami Boh!
I have a peculiar attraction to photographing churches. Some of my work is featured on this page. Glory to God! S Nami Boh! <gallery>Image:Andrej z cierkiew.JPG|Statue of Andy Warhol, in plaza of the Andy Warhol Museum, Medzilaborce, Slovakia. In the background is Holy Spirit Orthodox Church.Image:ChristtheSaviour.JPG|Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church ([[OCA]]), Harrisburg, PennsylvaniaImage:Rzpedz_Cierkiew.JPG|Orthodox church, Rzpedz, Poland</gallery> [[Category:User Pages|{{PAGENAME}}]]

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