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John Chrysostom to Gregory Palamas
[[Image:John ChrysostomGregory Palamas.jpg|100px|left]]Our father among the saints [[saint]]s '''[[John ChrysostomGregory Palamas]]''' (3471296-4071359), [[Archbishop]] of ConstantinopleThessalonica, was a notable Christian [[bishopmonk]] of [[Mount Athos]] in Greece (at [[Vatopedi Monastery (Athos)|Vatopedi Monastery]] and preacher from the fourth [[Esphigmenou Monastery (Athos)|Esphigmenou Monastery]]), and fifth centuries in Syria and Constantinoplelater became Archbishop of Thessalonica. He is famous for eloquence in public speaking was a preeminent theologian and his denunciation a proponent of abuse of authority [[hesychasm|hesychastic]] theology. His [[feast day]]s in the Church and in the are [[Roman EmpireNovember 14]] and the second Sunday of the time. He had notable [[asceticism|asceticGreat Lent]] sensibilities.
His final words were "Glory be He maintained the Orthodox doctrine that it remains impossible to know God for all things!" After in his death he was named '''Chrysostom'''essence (God in himself), which comes from the Greek ''chrysostomos'', "golden-mouthed." The [[Orthodox Church ]]honors him as a [[saint]] but possible to know God in his energies ([[feast day]]to know what God does, [[November 13]]) and counts him among who he is in relation to the [[Three Holy Hierarchs]] (feast daycreation and to man), [[January 30]])as God reveals himself to humanity. In doing so, together with Saints he made reference to the [[Basil the GreatCappadocian Fathers]] and [[Gregory the Theologian]]other early Christian writers.
He is also recognized by continually stressed the [[Roman Catholic ChurchHoly Scriptures|Biblical]], which considers him a saint and Doctor vision of the Churchhuman person as a united whole, both body and soul. Thus, he argued that the physical side of hesychastic prayer was an integral part of the contemplative [[Church of Englandmonastic]]way, both and that the claim by some of the monks of whom commemorate him on [[September 13]]seeing the uncreated light was indeed legitimate. His Like St. [[relicsSimeon the New Theologian]] were stolen from Constantinople by Crusaders , he also laid great stress in 1204 (commemorated his spiritual teaching on [[January 27]]) and brought to Rome, but were returned on [[November 27]], 2004, by [[Pope]] [[John Paul II]]the vision of the divine light.
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