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Cyril VI (Atta) of Alexandria

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{{oriental}}[[Image:PopeCyril14.jpg|thumb|St. Kyrellos VI, 116th Pope of Alexandria: A man of prayer, who held daily masses and had his door open to everyone]]
His Holiness [[Pope]] '''Cyril VI (Atta) of Alexandria''' (also transliterated '''''Kyrellos''''', '''''Kyrillos''''', or '''''Kirellos'''''), born Azer Ioseph Atta ([[August 2]], 1902 – [[March 9]], 1971), was [[Church of Alexandria (Coptic)|Coptic Orthodox Pope]] from 1959 to 1971.
Pope Cyril VI was born in Damanhour, Egypt, into a Christian family. He resigned a civil service position to become a [[monk]] in July 1927. He passed his probationary period and, on [[February 24]], 1928, took his [[monastic]] vows and assumed the name Fr. Mina El-Baramosy. The mystical spiritual mentor of Fr. Mina El-Baramosy the recluse was St. [[Isaac of Syria]], Bishop of Nineweh Ninevah and a 7th century [[ascetic]]. Fr. Mina was very much influenced by St. Isaac's writings and wrote extensively about them.
In 1947, he Fr. Mina built the Church of [[Menas|Saint Mina the Martyr]] in Cairo.
He became Pope of Alexandria on [[May 10]], 1959 (2 Pashons 1675 AM). On [[June 28]], 1959, he appointed a Patriarch-[[Catholicos]], Abune Baslios, for Ethiopia. In November 1959 he laid the foundation stone of the [[Saint Mina Monastery in Mariut|new Monastery of Saint Mina]] the [[Wonder-worker|Wonders Maker]] in the Mariout Desert.
In January 1965, Pope Cyril presided over the Committee of Oriental Orthodox Churches in Addis Ababa, the first ecumenical and non-Chalcedonian synod of these churches held in modern times.
His papacy has also been marked by the unprecedented Apparitions of the Blessed Holy Virgin [[Theotokos|Mary]] in [[Zeitun]], Egypt (starting on [[April 2]], 1968).
God gave Cyril the gift gifts of casting out demons, healing the sick, and prescience, for he knew who was coming to see him, their needs (before they said a word) and God's answers to them, and also the gift of bilocation. He also knew the time of his departure.
At his death bed Cyril said this to the [[clergy]]: "I am leaving to the Lord... Safeguard the Church with your keen vigil over it... may the Lord shepherd you." He passed away on [[March 9]], 1971, after a short illness.
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 ==Source==* [ April 19, 1959 • The Coptic Church Chose Kyrillos VI as its 116th Patriarch (Christian History Institute)]
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