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Isaac of Syria

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[[Image:Isaac_of_Syria.jpg|thumb|right|Icon of St. Isaac of Syria]] '''Isaac of Syria''' is a 7th century [[saint]] known for his strict [[asceticism]]. He was born in the region of Qatar on the western shore of the Persian Gulf. When still quite young, he entered a [[monastery]] with his brother. He gained considerable renown as a teacher and was ordained [[bishop]] of Ninevah, the former capital of Assyria to the north, but requested to abdicate after only five months. He then went south to the wilderness of Mount Matout, a refuge for anchorites. There he lived in solitude for many years studying the [[Scripture]], but eventually blindness and old age forced him to retire to the monastery of Shabar, where he reposed and was buried. [[Feast day ]] is [[January 28]]. Not to be confused with the other St. Isaac the Syrian, Abbot of Spoleto, who lived during the mid-sixth century ([[April 12]]).

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