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OrthodoxWiki:Tools and hacks

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User customizations
Examples include:
* [http[w:// |Navigation Popups]] - offers easy access to several OrthodoxWiki functions in popups which appear when you hover the mouse over links.* [http[w:// |Kate's Tool]] - makes it possible to count the total number of edit made by any user.* [http[w:// |Live Preview]] - adds a "live preview button" in edit mode and offers tooltips which include keyboard shortcuts.* [http[meta:// |Bottom Tabs]] - Have the tab options at the bottom of a page too.* [[w:User:Rdsmith4/monobook.css]] - Provides a floating edit bar on top instead of tabs
For more possibilities, please see [ meta:Help:User_style] and [ WP:User scripts].
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