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OrthodoxWiki:Style Manual

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===Articles not appropriate for OrthodoxWiki===
Obviously, anything which has no direct connection to the Orthodox faith is not appropriate. Further, some things which are characteristic of Wikipedia articles but don't make sense on '''OrthodoxWiki''' also should be left out, including the following: year articles (e.g., '''1054'''), places whose significance goes far beyond its exclusively religious meaning (e.g., '''Constantinople'''), or major historical personages who had nothing directly to do with the Orthodox Church (e.g., '''Ronald Reagan'''). Certainly, all of these items may have something to do with the Orthodox Church, but their connections can be noted in articles about the events related in other articles which more directly bear on the Orthodox faith.
===Controversial Subjects and Original Research===
Articles on controversial topics are welcome on OrthodoxWiki as long as they cite reputable, third-party publications (e.g., historians, news articles, etc.). Original research and unsourced articles are generally permitted for non-controversial material.
==Neutrality and the OrthodoxWiki Bias==
This section has been expanded and moved to See: '''[[OrthodoxWiki:Style Manual (Point of View)]].'''
==Technical Terminology==
The following items should be capitalized in OrthodoxWiki articles (some may seem obvious, but usage on these actually does vary):
* ''God'' and ''Trinity''
* ''Church'' when referencing the Church catholicor a proper name; not when used as a generic reference for a local church**Capitalized examples: ''the Orthodox Church'', ''the Church of Bulgaria'', ''the Albanian Orthodox Church'', ''the Church of the Nativity''**Uncapitalized examples: ''the Russian church'', ''the Orthodox churches'', ''the church building''
* ''Tradition'' should be capitalized when referring to the mainstream beliefs and practices held by Orthodox churches to be binding on Orthodox Christians (i.e., "Big ''T''" tradition); it is not capitalized when referring to local traditions which are not binding in character (i.e., "little ''T''" tradition)
* ''Scripture'' should be capitalized when referring to the Bible, though not when referring to the scriptures of other religions
:''This is italic.''
Quotations should be enclosed between quotation marks (e.g., "quotation"), or, if long enough, with indentation (produced by putting a colon (:) at the beginning of a line).
Quotations should not be italicized unless they conform to the rules below for titles and words as words.
==External links==
* [[w:Wikipedia:Manual of Style|Wikipedia:Manual of Style]] includes many useful bits regarding style for encyclopedia writing for a wiki.
* [ The Elements of Style], by William Strunk, Jr., is the classic manual on English usage.
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