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Gennadius Scholarius

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'''Gennadius II Scholarius''' (né '''Georgios''') was [[Church List of Patriarchs of Constantinople|Patriarch of Constantinople]] from 1454 to 1464, the first [[Church of Constantinople|Patriarch of Constantinople]] patriarch following the [[Fall of Constantinople]] in 1453, philosopher and theologian, was one of the last representatives of Byzantine learning, and a strong advocate of Aristotelian philosophy in the Church.
He appears to have been born at Constantinople about 1400 and to have entered the service of the emperor [[John VIII Palaeologus]] as a theological advisor. Georgios first appears in history as a presence at the [[Council of Basel]], held in 1438 in Ferrara and Florence with the object of bringing about a union between the Greek and Latin Churches. At the same council appeared the celebrated Platonist, [[Gemistus Pletho]], the most powerful opponent of the then dominant Aristotelianism, and consequently an antagonist of Georgios.
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