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This is a list of user-side MediaWiki extensions installed at OrthodoxWiki. If you know of another one you'd like to see here, leave a note on the discussion page and we'll see what we can do. A full list can be found [ here].
==Citation Extensions==
Two citation extensions have been installed. One allows in-text citations to be collected together in a group as footnotes. For details, see [[meta:Cite/Cite.php]]. For an example on Wikipedia, see [[w:Irish_bog_psalter]].
The second ([[meta:Cite/Special:Cite.php]]) adds a special page ([[Special:Cite]]) which offers cut-and-paste citations in a number of formats to OrthodoxWiki pages, and also adds a "Cite this article" link in the sidebar "toolbox" on every page in the main namespace.
==Nice Category List extension==
Please see [[meta:User:Mafs/GoogleMapExtension]] for details.
* Other variations (only the 2nd and 3rd have been installed): [], and [] and [] - These allow integration with the GoogleMap service
* See also [ GoogleMaps API Documentation]
* [ Mailman] - creates a mailman subscribe form. We could use this if we ever wanted to create announcement mailing lists for OrthodoxWiki.
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