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[[Image:Emir.jpg|right|thumb|400px|'''All your images are belong to us!''' []]]This is a transfer log for images from various sources on the web that might be suitable for import into OrthodoxWiki.  '''Please see [[OrthodoxWiki:Photo galleries]] for the context of this page, and important notes about method.''' Please keep this list up-to-date, crossing off an image or category when you upload it. ==Images from Wikimedia Commons==It's our aim to knock these out first. ====Already processed:====* [[commons:Category:Crosses]]* [[commons:Category:Christian_cross]]* [[commons:Category:Religious_symbols]]* [[commons:Category:Coptic_script]] - not all the letters, but the three other images ====Recommended for Transfer:====* [[commons:Iconostasis]]* [[commons:Category:Icons_%28art%29]]* [[commons:Category:Orthodox_Church]], incl. subcategories and linked categories* [[commons:Category:People_of_Serbia]]* [[commons:Category:Apostles]]* Many from [[commons:Category:Saints]]* Many from [[commons:Category:Martyrs]]* [[commons:Iconostasis]]* [[commons:Category:Christianity]] - of course there's overlap, just be clear in your log* [[commons:Category:Byzantine_mosaic]]* [[commons:Image:Santa_Catarina_Sinai_2003.JPG]]* [[commons:Category:Bible]] - some, not "Coptic Script" images (above) ==Images from Flickr==All of these should include as much author information as possible, as well as a link to the original on Flickr. They should also include the <nowiki>{{flickr}}</nowiki> template and an appropriate license template. Please also place them in a suitable category, or else <nowiki>[[Category:Uncategorized Images]]</nowiki>. Many of these notes are for future referene - these images don't necessarily need to be imported right away! (But, especially if you can use one for an article, go right ahead!) * - Archbishop Lazar and much of the series, see [[List_of_Canadian_monasteries]] for placement* * - Ethiopian Orthodox man in saffron robe* - Another, and [ more pilgrims] - maybe these are redundant though* - Ethiopian Orthodox woman* - Ethiopian priest with cross* - St. George's day pilgrimage* - more ==Other Sources==Please see [[OrthodoxWiki:Photo galleries]] for context! ====From the [ Beinecke Library, Yale]====''This source has been pretty thoroughly examined, and these are the relevant images found. [[Template:Beinecke]] needs to be updated. These images can be put in [[:Category:Historical Archives]] and [[:Category:Alaskan Church Images]] (or something like that).''* [ St. Michael's Church in Sitka]* [ another] - both worth archiving here* [ Horologion]* Other images of Sitka that come up when searching for "Greek church" ====From [ Christian Theological Seminary's Image Library]====''This source has been pretty thoroughly examined, and these are the relevant images found. [[]] needs moved to be updated.''* [ Catacomb Frescoes] - [ another]* [ Book of Kells]* [ Photos of Israel] [[CategoryOrthodoxSource:OrthodoxWikiImages_for_Import]]
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