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OrthodoxWiki:Community Portal

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==How to contribute==
Hop right in—just click '''edit''' (at the top of any page or section) to begin. Read the [[Help:Contents|help files]] for details on creating and editing articles. Be sure to take a look at the [[OrthodoxWiki:Style Manual|Style Manual]] for our official community standards and guidelines for articles. Test and experiment in the [[OrthodoxWiki:Sandbox|Sandbox]]. Also be sure to take a look at the [[OrthodoxWiki:Community Portal|Community Portal]] for news about ongoing projects and as a gathering point for our work here. There is also a [[OrthodoxWiki:Help wanted|help wanted]] page to learn about projects that other users are working on and are looking for help.
Don't worry about messing up or breaking '''OrthodoxWiki'''—your work can always be cleaned up and honed by others, which is part of the spirit of this project. Take a look at existing articles which may be similar to yours, and model yours after those. You may also feel free to grab relevant content from [ Wikipedia] (it's under a free documentation license), "Orthodoxize" and expand on it, and then put it here (be sure to leave in only the links relevant to '''OrthodoxWiki'''). A lot of our starting content came from there.
An [[OrthodoxWiki:Chat|OrthodoxWiki IRC channel]], sponsored by [[User:Joe Rodgers]] is now available for community chat. Please [[User_talk:Joe Rodgers|contact him]] if you have any questions.
On Facebook? Join the '''OrthodoxWiki''' group.
==Discussion pages==
* '''[[OrthodoxWiki:Trapeza]] (The main discussion page, intended to serve as the focal point for community talk)'''* [[OrthodoxWiki:Inventory]] (Taking stock of the wiki, optimization discussion, etc.)
* [[OrthodoxWiki:Roadmap]] (Plans for the future)
* [[OrthodoxWiki:Meta Reflections]] (Discussions about the kind of project we're engaged in here)
* [[OrthodoxWiki:Categories]] (Organization of articles and categories)
* [[OrthodoxWiki:News]] (Updates about what's happening on OrthodoxWiki)
* [[OrthodoxWiki:QuestionsReference desk]] (Post questions, ask for Questions and answersabout research subjects)* [[OrthodoxWiki:Anything Goes]] (The name says it all!)* [[Category_talkCategory talk:Featured Articles]] (Nominate or contest a [[:Category:Featured Articles|featured article]])
==Notice boards==
* [[OrthodoxWiki:Help wanted]] (A place to solicit help for specific articles and projects)
* [[OrthodoxWiki:Buzz]] (reverse links and "what they are saying" )
* [[Relevant Wikipedia ArticlesOrthodoxWiki:Style Manual (Importing)#Starting_Points|Starting Points]] (Some ideas - for starting points)importing Wikipedia articles
==Community Policies & Guidelines==
* [[]] - an important note on using images from []
* [[Help:Image_licenses#Holy_Transfiguration_Monastery]] - using icons from Holy Transfiguration Monastery (BoscobelBrookline, WI MA USA)
For more general information, please see [[wikipedia:Category:Wikipedia_copyright]].
==Who's Who==
* [[OrthodoxWiki:Patron saint]] (''St. [[John of Damascus]], pray for us!'')
* [[:Category:Sysops]] and [[Special:Listadmins]]
* [[Special:Listusers]]
==OrthodoxWiki Images and Link buttons==
Please see [[OrthodoxWiki:Link buttons]].
==See also==
* [[meta:Conflicting_Wikipedia philosophies]]
* [[w:Wikipedia:Wikiquette]]
* [[w:Category:Wikipedia guidelines]]
* [[w:Wikipedia:Assume good faith]]
* [ Business management software]
[[ro:OrthodoxWiki:Portal Comunitate]]

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