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'''This article is category includes pages about using newsfeeds and pages that incorporate feeds from other sites. If you'd like to learn more about the feeds produced by OrthodoxWikior how to use external feeds, please see [[Help:Newsfeeds]].''
OrthodoxWiki now has the ability to render newsfeeds from external sites, courtesy of the [ RSS-Feed extension] and [ Magpie]. ===Instructions===This extension can parse most popular kinds of RSS / RDF and Atom feeds. The simplest usage is: <nowiki><rss></rss></nowiki> Optional parameters can be also be added in between the <nowiki><rss> and </rss></nowiki> tags. They should be separated by a pipe (|), just like in links and templates. Supported parameters include:* charset=... The charset used by the feed. iconv is used to convert this.* short Do not show the description text for each news item.* max=x Shows x most recent headlines.* highlight= term1 term2 The terms separated by a space are highlighted.* filter= term1 term2 Show only rss items containing at least one of the terms.* reverse display the rss items in reverse order A fuller example therefore might be: <nowiki><rss>|charset=UTF-8|short|max=5</rss></nowiki> ===Guidelines for Use===External RSS feeds should be used sparingly. Appropriate content includes:* News from Orthodox sources or tailored for an Orthodox audience.* Parish news, and local Orthodox events notice boards. Please do not use this extension for blogfeeds -- check out [] for this purpose. Feeds deemed inappropriate by the [[Special:Listusers/sysop|sysops]] will be removed. All pages with external feeds should be added to <nowiki>[[Category:Newsfeeds]]</nowiki>. External feeds are licensed by their distributors, and not subject in any way to the OrthodoxWiki copyright. Articles are placed in this category when they use feeds from other sites. [[Category:Help]][[Category:OrthodoxWiki]]
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