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OrthodoxWiki:Other wikis

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OrthodoxWiki is just one wiki among many. If you've been captivated by our project here, we encourage you to check out what others are doing as well.
==Other Religiously-based Wikis==
{| align="left" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="3" style="background-color: #fff"
! colspan="30" align="center" |
 | align="center" width="15%" valign="top"|[[Image:Logo wikikto enPatristicsWiki.jpg JPG|150px100px]]<br /><br />[ The free catholic encyclopedianet/wiki/Main_Page Monachos Patristics Wiki]<br /><small>(Version anglaise)Orthodoxy's Patristic and Monastic Heritage</small> | align="center" width="15%" valign="top"|[[Image:Globe 3WikiChristian logo.gifjpg|60px110px]]<br /><br />[ WikiChristian]<br /><small>The Christian Free Encyclopediaof Biblical Christianity</small> | align="center" width="15%" valign="top"|[[Image:Theopedia.JPG|100px]]<br /><br />[ Theopedia: An Encyclopedia of Biblical Christianity]<br />  | align="center" width="15%" valign="top"|[[Image:White cross.gif|100px]]<br /><br />[ Jesuspedia: A Christian Wiki Encyclopedia In Unity With All Of God's Children]<br /> 
<br clear=all>
* [ Christian Wikis] at '''WikiIndex'''.
* [ Christian Wikis] at '''Wikia Philosophy:Christianity Knowledge Base'''.
* [ List of Wikis] at '''Wikipedia'''.
==Wikimedia Projects==
{| align="center" cellpadding="2" width="100%" style="text-align:left"
| [[Image:Wikipedia_without_text-35px.png|35x50px|<nowiki></nowiki>]]
| [[wikipedia:Main Page|'''Wikipedia''']]<br />The big mama Encyclopedia, the largest wiki
==Further Afield==
* [ WikiIndex] - A catalogue of wikis that aims to be comprehensive
* [ CFD-Online] - The Computational Fluid Dynamics Wiki
* [ Ward's Wiki] - The very first wiki
* [ Tolkien Gateway] - All about J.R.R. Tolkien and his works
* [[metamw:Sites_using_MediaWiki|Sites using MediaWiki]]* [ WikiIndex - a wiki/SwitchWiki SwitchWiki Directory of wikiswiki, wiki people and wiki ideas] ==See also==*Our [[WikiNode]] [[Category:OrthodoxWiki]]

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