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User Templates
*[[Template:Discussion]] - Inspired by [[User:Arbible]], this template makes a nice header for User Talk pages
*[[Template:Independent]] - Used to mark users that advertise their status as members of so-called "independent" Orthodox churches. We use this so that unsuspecting members will not be mistaken about their canonical status, as well as to avoid the criticism that OrthodoxWiki let's anybody represent Orthodoxy. As with other users, their submissions will be judged according to the quality of the content and it's conformity with Orthodox teaching.
*[[Template:Double]] - Used to identify an account operated by the same user that has a different account. Sometimes these are authorized. More often the duplicate is volunteered by the user and blocked. Please see [[OrthodoxWiki:User guidelines]] for more information.
*[[Template:Vandalbot]] - Used for identified vandal/spambots.
==Content Templates==
Bureaucrats, Check users, interwiki, oversight, renameuser, Administrators

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