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[[Image:Kursk Root Icon of the Theotokos.jpg|100px|The Wonderworking "Kursk Root" Icon of the Theotokos of the Sign]]
</div>[[Greatmartyr]] James the Persian (the Sawn-Asunder); [[Venerable]] Palladius of Thessaloniki; [[Saint]] James the [[Bishop]] and [[Wonder-worker]] of Rostov; Saint Romanus the Wonder-worker of Cilicia; Opening of the [[relics]] of Saint Vsevolod (Gabriel) of Pskov; 17 [[monk]]-martyrs in India; [[Righteous]] Pinuphrius of Egypt; Righteous Nathaniel of Nitria; repose of the Venerable Diodorus, [[abbot]] of Yuriev [[Monastery]] in Solovki; Saint Theodosius of Trnovo; commemoration of the [[miracle]] of the weeping [[icon]] of the [[Theotokos]] "[[Mother of God of the Sign|of the Sign]]" at Novgorod in 1170; celebration of the icons of the Theotokos "of the Sign": [[Kursk Root Icon|Kursk-Root]], and of Abalek; Icon of the Theotokos of Tsarskoe Selo; Icon of the Theotokos "Seraphim-Ponetaevka"<noinclude>[[Category: Calendar day templates|November 27]]</noinclude>

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