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OrthodoxWiki:Style Manual (Point of View)

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Personal and Community pages
==Personal and Community pages==
Personal opinions may be expressed on "User" and "User_Talk" pages, which are not subject to NPOV. It is understood that these pages may represent the personal views of their authors. All conversation should be kept civil, however. Also, not everything is allowed on personal pages. For example, anything that is clearly unorthodox will be removed or edited. Final say in all these matters rests with the administrator(s).  Although user pages may be edited, OrthodoxWiki administration does not, of course, have the right to change users own words in such a way as to misrepresent what they are saying about themselves. We may edit or even censor, but we won't twist.
Community pages tend to represent what we might call the "Community Point of View," a mentality which has developed through interaction with the various personalities and circumstances of the OrthodoxWiki community. Often, it will be the voice of practical wisdom that comes from involvement in this kind of wiki project.
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