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OrthodoxWiki:Style Manual (Point of View)

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A key concept in the way OrthodoxWiki functions is what we call "neutral point of view," or "N.P.O.V." This concept is borrowed from Wikipedia, but has been adapted to fit our Orthodox community and confession of faith.
{{shortcut|[[NPOV]]}}'''OrthodoxWiki''' purposes to present the Orthodox Christian viewpoint throughout the site. Articles on '''OrthodoxWiki''' will be, so far as is reasonably possible, worded from a '''neutral point of view''' (NPOV). That is, disputes between Orthodox Christian groups will be characterized and described rather than entered into. Continue reading for further clarification. (Also see [[Wikipedia:NPOV]] for Wikipedia's version of the NPOV policy, which is essentially compatible with '''OrthodoxWiki''' policy.)
Further, for administrative purposes, '''OrthodoxWiki''' is governed by what is called the '''''Mainstream Chalcedonian Bias''''' (MCB). By ''Chalcedonian'' we refer to those churches of the [[Orthodox Church]] who hold to the decrees of the [[Fourth Ecumenical Council]] at Chalcedon (A.D. 451). By ''Mainstream'' we refer to those "official" churches comprised of the fourteen or fifteen [[autocephaly|autocephalous]] and the [[autonomy|autonomous]] churches generally recognized as the "mainstream" of the [[Orthodox Church]] -- for those of us in North America, this will be all [[SCOBA]] jurisdictions and those with whom they're in communion.
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