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'''This document aims to outline how disputes over articles will be dealt with on OrthodoxWiki.'''
==Overview==In cases of dispute, an appeal may be made to [[User:FrJohn|Fr. John]] or one of the [[Special:Listusers/sysop|other sysops]] asking for intervention. (The sysops are collectively usually very good at catching things like this quickly, but somethings some things may fall through the cracks.)
Appeals to the sysops may be made publically on their '''User_talk''' pages, or privately through the email link on their main User page.
Once a sysop has made an intervention (whether solicited or not), users should not re-assert the edits which have been rejected. If they do so, they should expect to be banned, probably on a temporary basis.
[[User:FrJohn|FrJohn]] has the final say in disputed matters, though he takes advice from the sysops very seriously. == Disputed Articles ==The most contentious area in OrthodoxWiki has been pages dealing with the [[Western Rite]]. I'm not sure why that is -- maybe the folks committed to the vision of Western Rite feel embattled and tend to become a little defensive? Enough speculation! The only other major area that has been contentious has been the relations between the Chalcedonian ("Eastern Orthodox") and non-Chalcedonian ("Oriental Orthodox") churches. Other than these two areas, and apart from various individual edits, things have been pretty peaceful so far, thanks be to God!
==No Legal Threats==
Similarly, slander, libel, or defamation of character is not to be tolerated on OrthodoxWiki; true instances of such writing, that might legitimately expose OrthodoxWiki to legal sanction, should immediately be called to the attention of an administrator and/or the community at large. Disagreements as to the identity of a person, their motivations for a given action, opinions of third parties about them, ''etc''. do not fall under slander, however, and legal threats cannot be used to have points of view enshrined in an article.
These guidelines have been adapted from [[w:Wikipedia:No_legal_threats]]. See also [[MeatBall:LegalThreat]].  ==See also==*[[OrthodoxWiki:Disciplinary policy]]*[[OrthodoxWiki:Frequently Asked Questions]]
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