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As part of the year-end inventory mentioned at [[OrthodoxWiki:Roadmap]], please feel free to make remarks here about what might need to be changed. This page is especially for admins/sysops, but all can participate. In particular, we should look examine the page and category structure of OrthodoxWiki to see if anything can be optimized.
'''''If you have been involved in setting up the structure of categories and subcategories on OrthodoxWiki, please share any wisdom about this, helping others to understand your rationale so they can better build on your work in the future, at [[OrthodoxWiki:Architecture]].'''''
* The [[:Category:OrthodoxWiki|OrthodoxWiki]] and [[:Category:Help|Help]] categories and namespaces need to be more clearly delineated. Right now there is a lot of overlap. [[Help:Contents]] could be deprecated in favor of [[:Category:Help]]. Perhaps [[:Category:Help]] could be made a subcategory of [[:Category:OrthodoxWiki]]. (Note that it is now possible to search by namespace on [[Special:Allpages]].)
::''This task is assigned to on [[User:FrJohn/Wiki to-do|FrJohn's to-do list]].''
* [[OrthodoxWiki:About]] and [[OrthodoxWiki:FAQs]] need some work. Especially the first. Links to the FAQs page can be deleted if we can't come up with anything.
* I think we should move "Point of View" discussion to its own page: [[OrthodoxWiki:Point of view]] -- it certainly has become important enough. [[User:FrJohn|Fr. John]]
* I'd like to clarify the distinction between the different users roles: bureaucrat, administrator, sysop, and regular Joe. [[User:FrJohn|Fr. John]]
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