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In the midst of the ensuing decade, an odd transformation transpired. He met and married an Orthodox woman who had grown up in the Church. After three years attending his home church together (where he was assisting in worship leadership and musical presentations), he decided that fair was fair and began attending Orthodox Liturgy. Consistent exposure to the subtle but unmistakable presence of Christ in the mysteries led to the eventual outpouring of hunger for the Eucharist in early 2002. He was made a catechumen in February and was received through Chrismation on Holy Saturday, 2002. He took the name Theophilus (a reasonable translation of "Jeffrey" into Greek). His patron, Blessed Feofil of the Kiev Lavra, is considered dear both for his common heritage in the northern Ukraine as well as a name day coincident with Holton's birthday.
[[Image:Holton_and_checkov.jpg|left|frame|Anton Checkov and Jeffrey Holton in a brief moment of solidarity]]A series of academic fits and starts led to an eventual bestowal of a Master of Arts in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary in September, 2004. His culminating thesis was entitled ''Orthodox-Protestant Dialogue: An Analysis of a Subset of East-West Historical and Contemporary Interactions and a Justification for Orthodox Participation Therein,'' a paper written for and with Dr. Veli-Matti Kärkkäinnen.
A lifelong resident of California, Holton enjoys playing with his guitar and with his son, but not necessarily in that order. "Children are harder to tune," he says, "but the melodies are a little more interesting, unpredictible, and jazzy." Holton attends the Greek Orthodox Church of the Resurrection in Castro Valley, CA, with his son, wife, and her parents. He can be found during the first weekend of October in the festival kitchen, chopping cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions, and practicing saying "Opa!" (still) with no discernible American accent.
[[Image:Holton_and_checkov.jpg|center|frame|Anton Checkov and Jeffrey Holton in a brief moment of solidarity]]

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