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Dmitri (Royster) of Dallas

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Dmitri was drafted into the US Army in March, 1943 where he served as a Japanese interpreter at the rank of Second Lieutenant After his military service, he completed his education and served as an instructor of Spanish at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, later becoming a professor of Spanish at SMU. His Eminence also taught at Tulane University in New Orleans for a brief period.
He was ordained to the priesthood in 1954 and elected to the episcopate in 1969. After the death of the ruling bishop of the Albanian Archdiocese in 1975, His Eminence was given charge of the Albanian Diocese of the OCA. Later, Bishop DMITRI was charged with the development of the Diocese of the South (which, at the time consisted of several missions).
With approximately 60 parishes and missions under his care (as of 2005), His Eminence shepherds one of the most vibrant diocese of the Orthodox Church in America.

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