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OrthodoxWiki is being used in many different ways
This month I'd like to comment on how people are using OrthodoxWiki. It seems that Heath at [] has taken to linking every possible OrthodoxWiki word in his blog posts. I'm sure our Google ranking will skyrocket as a result!
I've also been noticing cases of [ hotlinking] - witness [ Fr. John's post on the paschalion] and the dittoed link at []. Now this isn't necessarily wrong or immoral, but if the site continues to grow this could [ eat up a lot of bandwidth] and prove a headache for our host, []. I'd also like to respect those who have given us permission to use their images ''on this site''. Therefore, I'm going to nip this in the bud and say that we'll be disabling - as of November 20, 2005 hotlinking soon (with warm apologies to those who have linked icons in good will!)has been disabled. Please see [[OrthodoxWiki:Hotlinks]] for details.
We continue to see OrthodoxWiki popping up on a lot of linklists ([],,, casually linked in blog posts (witness []), and showing up in forum discussions ([]).
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