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Jehovah's Witnesses

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Historical background
'''Jehovah's Witnesses''' appeared in the second half of the nineteenth century. Their founder, Charles Taze Russell [], was Christian, but became influenced by [[Arianism|Arian]] and [[Seventh Day Adventism|Seventh-Day Adventist]] teaching. The [[heresy]] of '''Jehovah's Witnesses''' is clearly presented in their books; ''some'' of which are the following:
*Their book "''The Truth that leads to eternal life''," P. 24: [The [[Holy Spirit]] is not a Person, but God’s effective Power.]
*Their book "''Let God Be True''", P. 113: [The allegation of the clergy that the Holy Spirit is a third Spiritual Person, is an allegation based on a weak basis. It is the result of bad translation of the Greek original text, giving a word that means Person. But actually the origin means "breeze" or "wind", for as the breeze or the wind is invisible so also is God's Spirit. Whenever God’s Spirit comes upon a person, that person receives an authorization from God to perform a certain work. The Holy Spirit is the Power of God Almighty and Invisible. He is the Power that motivates God's servants to do His will.]
They believe in numerous resurrections, each one being for a particular group of people, and in an eternal earthly paradise as a literal fulfilment of Isaiah 65:21: "''They shall build houses and inhabit them; They shall plant vineyards and eat their fruit''" (earthly resurrection for the good, with the exception of 144,000 who would go to "Heaven").
They do not believe in the immortality of the soul (sharing this belief as well as that of the earthly paradise with [[Seventh Day Adventism|Seventh Day Adventists]]). Instead, they believe in the annihilation of the wicked (including, according to their beliefs, the annihilation of both Satan and Adam, the first man), i.e., they do not believe in the eternal punishment of sinners. They also do not believe in the intercession of the departed saints.
Jehovah's Witnesses predicted that Jesus would come in 1914 to judge the Earth and annihilate the wicked. When nothing supernatural happened in 1914, they changed the year to 1925 then many times thereafter.

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