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Macarius the Great

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The current Coptic Orthodox Monastery of St. Macarius the Great [] ([ video]), which lies in Wadi Natrun, the ancient Scetis, 92 kilometers from Cairo on the western side of the desert road to Alexandria, was founded in 360 A.D. by the saint, who during his lifetime was spiritual father to more than four thousand monks of different nationalities-Egyptians, Greeks, Ethiopians, Armenians, Nubians, Asians, Palestinians, Italians, Gauls and Spaniards.
Not to be confused with St. [[Macarius of Alexandria]] [], and St. Macarius the [[Martyr]] and [[Bishop]] of Edfu Edfao (near Assiut, Upper Egypt). The [[relics]] of the three Macarii are today preserved at the aforementioned monastery.
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* [ Deir Abu Maqar - page at the Web site of St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada]
* [ The Monastery of St. Macarius (Deir Abu Magar) - by Jimmy Dunn]
* ''Coptic Monasticism in the Time of St. Macarius'' - by Fr. Matta el-Meskeen, Abbot of St. Macarius the Great Monastery at Scetis. Published in 1972 (880 pp.)

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