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Macarius the Great

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[[Image:AbbaMacariusTheGreat.jpg|thumb|right|Coptic icon of St. Macarius the Great (295-392 A.D.)]] St. Abba '''Marcarius the Great''' (295-392 A.D.; also known as '''Macarius the Egyptian''') was among the most influential [[Desert Fathers]] of Egypt, and a disciple of St. [[Anthony the Great]]. The [[Coptic]] Orthodox Church celebrates his [[feast day]] on [[April 5]] ([[Coptic Calendar|Baramhat 27]]) and the return of his body to his [[monastery]] at Scetis on [[August 25]] ([[Coptic Calendar|Mesra 19]]). The day appointed for his feast in Eastern Orthodoxy is [[January 19]], while the [[Roman Catholic]] Church celebrates it four days earlieron [[January 15]]. Not to be confused with St. [[Macarius of Alexandria]] [].

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