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* St. Nikodemos of the Holy Mountain. In another time and place he surely would have been an editor of an encyclopedia. His work on the Rudder, the Synaxarion (and not simply translation, but attempts to unravel the historicity of some accounts that had suffered conflation or other confusion), the Philokalia; his commentaries on liturgical texts, etc., all indicate an encyclopedic mind that loves the orderly presentation of valuable knowledge.
* :I'm going to suggest Saint [[John of Damascus]]. a great synthesizer, compiler, apologist, and martyr. <br>His feast day is '''Dec. 4th'''. You can look up his life, troparion and kontakion at [ on] or view his Wikipedia article Links: [ here].
:The Ven. Bede is a great choice. I thought about him, but I'm worried that he's not identifiably Orthodox enough. Of course, we can always ask for his intercessions in any case!
:I like the idea of St. Nikodemos too. He would certainly be an appropriate choice, although I'm worried about the connotations people have with him being a canonist. It might be seen as too polemical by some. [[User:FrJohn|Fr. John]] 13:50, November 12, 2005 (CST) ::''O champion of Orthodoxy, teacher of purity and of true worship,The enlightener of the universe and the adornment of the hierarchs:O all-wise father John, your teachings have gleamed with light upon all things.Intercede before Christ our God to save our souls!'' <br> - Troparion to St. John of Damascus
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