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A little while ago, there was [[User_talkImage:FrJohn/archived_discussion_1#Patron_SaintJohn of Damascus.jpg|some discussionframe|right|St. John of Damasus:<br>OrthodoxWiki's Patron Saint]] We've had some talk recently about nominating a patron saint. I would like to go ahead and ask [[patron saintJohn of Damascus|St. John of Damascus]] to fulfill this role for us. As a great apologist and compiler of Orthodox teaching, he offers an inspiring example for OrthodoxWiki. He is recognized as a teacher and revealed as a saint throughout the Orthodox world. Please join me in asking him to be present with us, and to guide and inspire our humble project by his prayers.
[[User:Uncreatedlight]] keenly felt this need, and [[User:Joe Rodgers]] also commented: "So, in a bigger picture, is there a saint, common to all Orthodox Christans who we could pick as a patron saint? For those so inclined, requests See the discussion page for intercession from this Saint could be made for God's help in our endeavorssome history. Your thoughts?"
I think it::'s time to move this discussion forward a little bit. The saints are alive and well. It would be fully proper if we asked one or two especially for their heavenly intercessions. With this in mind, I'd like to open up the floor for nominations. I think we're looking for an Orthodox saint who was known as an historianO champion of Orthodoxy, writerteacher of purity and of true worship, or compiler The enlightener of information -- someone who modelled in their life the values universe and virtues we are striving for in the OrthodoxWiki project.  ==Nominations==Please post your suggestions, along with an explanation, here. * The [[Three Holy Hierarchs]] (Basil adornment of the Great, Gregory the Theologian and hierarchs: O all-wise father John Chrysostom)* The Holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke [he was most certainly an historian, complier of information and helped to preserve the Gospel for your teachings have gleamed with light upon all generations]* Stthings. Peter of Damascus [a 12th century monastic who loved Intercede before Christ our God to read... he would borrow books from different monasteries and would write down important ideas. He would later write his own take on theology and it will comprise a large section of the save our souls!''[[Philokalia]]'', third volume according to the English translation]* Saint Dimitiri because no one wrote an article about him. But St Constantine or St Nicholas would also be great.(These are the three "typical" Orthodox Saints.) [[User:Fadymm|Fadymm]] 06:57, November 9, 2005 (CSTTroparion)
==Other links==
* OrthodoxWiki's [[John of Damascus]] page
* [ Orthodox Church seeks virtual saint - "Clergy in the Russian Orthodox Church are engaged in an intense debate"] (BBC)

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