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Here follows a list of all '''OrthodoxWiki templates'''.
'''Note:''' This list excludes templates for the use in related [[Church Calendar]] articles for particular dates. If you create a new template for any reason, please add it to this list. An automatically created list of [[Special:Allpages&namespace=10|all templates]] is available.
==General Templates==
*[[Template:Categories]]*[[Template:Cc]]*[[Template:Cleanup]]- Used to mark an article temporarily so that it can be brought to a higher standard
*[[Template:Disambig]] - Used to clear up cases where multiple usages exist for the same word
*[[Template:Inprogress]] - Used to tag an article temporarily while it's actively being developed
*[[Template:PDOriental]]*- Used for articles which may represent an [[Template:StartersOriental Orthodox]](non-Chalcedonian) view*[[Template:Stub]] - Used to indicate articles that are sorely incomplete. (You can find all stubs [[Special:Whatlinkshere/Template:Stub|here]].)Other stubs exist for specific use (see below).*[[Template:TOCright]] - Moves the Table of Contents to the right( <nowiki>_NOTOC_</nowiki> hides the Table of Contents)
*[[Template:Welcome]] - Used to welcome and orient new members
==Content Templates=Main page===*[[Template:Categories]]*[[Template:Featured]]
*[[Template:ChurchStarters]] ===Specific Stubs===These should be created with good judgment. *[[Template:OrientalAusEpisStub]]- Hierarch who served in Australasia*[[Template:AusMonStub]] - Australian Monastery*[[Template:AusPerStub]] - Orthodox personality in Australasia ==Content Templates==These templates have fields in which addition information, specific to the article, should be added. Fields left blank or deleted will show an error rather than be removed from the template: '''—''' or ''unknown'' should be used for inapplicable or missing information. *[[Template:Church]] - Used for the main Church jurisdictions (not for a parish)*[[Template:Diocese]]- Used for a diocese within a jurisdiction*[[Template:Monastery]]- Used for a monastery*[[Template:Succession]] - Used to show hierarchical succession; to be preceded by [[Template:Start box]] and followed by [[Template:End box]]; may be used in series (only one start and one end box in this case)
==Copyright Templates==
*[[Template:Copyright]] - Indicates that there is a possible copyright violation
*[[Template:OCA.orgUnverified]] - Indicates that an image was used by permission from; permission must be requested for each image (cf.  *[[OrthodoxWikiTemplate:News#May_5.2C_2005|hereCc]])- Attribution/Non-Commercial/Share-alike Creative Commons License*[[Template:FarleyFairuse]]*- Asserts that this image or article falls under laws governing [[Templatehttp:Frittscopy]// fair use]
*[[Template:Gfdl]] - The GNU Free Documentation License
*[[Template:Hlp]] - Used for images from Holy Land Photos
*[[Template:Htm]] - Used for icons taken from Holy Transfiguration Monastery
*[[Template:Limited]]- Used for an image which is specifically permitted for the use of OrthodoxWiki in its unaltered form*[[Template:Oca]] - Indicates that an image was used by permission from; permission '''must''' be requested for each image (cf. [[OrthodoxWiki:News#May_5.2C_2005|here]])*[[Template:PD]] - Used for image or article which is known to be in the public domain
*[[]] - Used for icons taken from St. Isaac of Syria Skete
*[[Template:Damickcopy]] - For Rdr. Andrew's stuff
*[[Template:Fairuse]] - Asserts that this image or article falls under laws governing [ fair use]
==Series Templates==
*[[Template:Angels]] - For the articles about the ranks of angels
*[[Template:Churches]] - Autocephalous and Autonomous Churches of Orthodoxy
*[[Template:Orthodoxyinamerica]] - A bird's eye view of Orthodoxy in America
*[[Template:Orthodoxyinasia]] - Orthodoxy in Asia
*[[Template:Orthodoxyinaustralasia]] - Orthodoxy in Australasia
*[[Template:Orthodoxyinjapan]] - Orthodoxy in Japan
*[[Template:Orthodoxchristianity]] - An introduction series on Orthodox beliefs
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