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[[Image:Presentation.jpg|100px|The Presentation]]
</div>[[Afterfeast]] of the [[Presentation|Meeting of our Lord in the Temple]]; [[Saint]] Parthenios, [[Bishop]] of Lampasacus on the Hellespont; Saint Luke the [[Righteous]] of Hellas (Greece); 1,003 [[martyr]]s of Nicomedia; six martyrs of Phrygia; Saint Peter of Monovatia, [[monk]]; Martyrs Theopemptus and Synodia; Saint Aprionos, Bishop of Cyprus; [[New-Martyr]] George of Crete; Saint [[Sava the New|Sabba of Kalymnos]]; [[Hieromartyr]] Vladimir, [[Metropolitan]] of Kiev (see [[January 25]]); Hieromartyr Augulos, Bishop of Augusta, and Martyrs Anatolios, Adreas, Ammon, Statian, Nepotian, Saturninos, Lukios, and Saturna; Saint Ronan, Bishop of Kilmaronen; Saint Richard, father of Ss. Willibald (see [[July 7]]), Wunnibald, and Walburga ([[February 25]]); Saint Romuald, [[Abbot]] of Ravenna. '''Other events:''' repose of [[Archimandrite]] Gennadius, [[ascetic]] of Roslavl forests
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