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The Holy Family in Egypt

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Many churches and monasteries were built in the locations which have been blessed by the visit of our Lord [[Jesus Christ]], the Holy [[Virgin Mary]], and St. Joseph the carpenter. Many miracles took place in these locations during the Holy Family visit 2000 years ago (and continue to occur to this day). These [[Coptic]] churches are considered the oldest and among the holiest of all churches in Christendom.
Among the places visited by the Holy Family are [[Zeitun]] in Cairo, where the Holy Virgin Mary also appeared in 1968, and Assiut in Upper Egypt, where She again appeared in 2000 []. In one small street in el-Matarya district of today's Cairo (''Eid Street/Shek El-Te'eban Street''), all kinds of bread and bakery cannot be leavened up to this day, since the Virgin Mary first visited that place with the Holy Family 2000 years ago and they were refused bread and cast away. This is an ongoing miracle that anyone can witness till this very day. Bread leavens normally in all surrounding streets.
'''The following Web sites and resources will help the interested reader explore the journey of the Holy Family in Egypt:'''

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