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It's pretty clear that this lazarus person doesn't know anything about churches - much less Orthodoxy. Patriarch's don't have to answer letters and what Fr. Michael seems to be saying in his emauil dredged up from six years ago is that he wrote some sort of reports to the Patriarch under instructions from senior Antiochian clergy, which implies to me that the senior clergy were answering him. Anyway, since I do have a fair knowledge of the Australian and New Zealand Orthodox monasteries, and I have access to most of them since they trust me, I shall continue to correct entries made on any of them, that I know to be incorrect. Personally I'm not going to ask any of them for bios because I know that having been tonsured a monk is supposed to leave his former life behind and begin again, the Church gives him that new clean slate. That's why this sort of behaviour - trying to drag someone down because they apparently don't like him, really annoys me. I think this orthodoxwiki should demand that people give their real names, their real emails and the name of their Orthodox Priest before they are permitted to post or edit anything. That way, if they behave like this, they can be referred to their bishop. I admit to being shocked that an Orthodox Priest would run this site on any other lines.

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