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:''This is an article about the wife of a deacon. If you are looking for a female in clerical orders, see [[Deaconess]].
'''''Diakonissa''''' is a Greek title of honor that is used to refer to a [[deacon|deacon's]] wife. It is derived from ''diakonos''—the Greek word for ''deacon'' (literally, "server"). There does not currently seem to be any standard English equivalent, so most English-speaking Orthodox Christians will use the title most common in the old country churches from which their local family or parish finds its origin.
==Other languages==
In Arabic, a deacon's wife is called ''Shamassy'' (derived from ''Shamas'', Arabic for "deacon"). The Romanian uses a derivative from the Greek term, ''Diaconiţă'', as does Serbian, ''Djakonitsa'' (pronounced ''jack-on-eet'-sa''). Other Slavic tradition traditions generally uses use the same word for a deacon's wife that is used for a [[presbytera|priest's wife]]: ''Matushka'' (Russian), ''Papadija'' (Serbian), ''Panimatushka'' (Ukrainian), etc. ==See also==*[[Presbytera]]*[[Ordination of Women]] ==External link==*[ Clergy Etiquette] 
==See Also==
* [[Presbytera]]
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