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Talk:The Orthodox Christology of St. Severus of Antioch

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: I'm thinking that perhaps it might be useful to create a '''<nowiki>{{non-chalcedonian}}</nowiki>''' template which could get put at the top of such articles so that they're clearly labelled from the get-go. {{User:ASDamick/sig}} 14:29, 30 October 2005 (CST)
::That sounds good to me, although I'd like it if a note was placed in the title of the article, too. I've seen some with the annotation "(Coptic POV)". Also, for this article in particular, it would be great if "St." was removed, or put in parentheses. --[[User:Matrona|Matrona]] 14:41, 30 October 2005 (CST)

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