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Antidoron & Prosphora
:: It's interesting the way y'all use ''prothesis'' and ''proskomedia'', though—the usage I'm familiar with is that the ''Proskomedia'' is the service, whereas the ''prothesis'' is the table on which that service is performed. Hmmm... I can't wait to get my ''Blackwell's Dictionary of Eastern Christianity'' in the mail. I'll consult the ''ODCC'' when I get home, too. --[[User:ASDamick|Rdr. Andrew]] 10:49, 26 Jan 2005 (CST)
:Correction accepted. You can tell that I don't have much experience serving at Greek parishes :-). About the proskomeia and prothesis - I'm actually confused about this. I do usually refer to the service as "proskomedia", although I've seen it titled "Prothesis" in many service books too. Best I can tell is that they're interchangable, but it would be good to know the history of this. Someone asked me about the difference between the two terms recently, and I didn't know what to tell him. Maybe I'll ask around a little bit. There are many wells of knowledge hiding about! [[User:FrJohn|Fr. John]]
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