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Antidoron & Prosphora
:: My understanding of the distinction between antidoron and prosphora is the same as yours, though—prosphora is the bread in general, from which the lamb and the antidoron are taken. References: [], [].
:: It's interesting the way y'all use ''prothesis'' and ''proskomedia'', though—the usage I'm familiar with is that the ''Proskomedia'' is the service, whereas the ''prothesis'' is the table on which that service is performed. Hmmm... I can't wait to get my ''Blackwell's Dictionary of Eastern Christianity'' in the mail. I'll consult the ''ODCC'' when I get home, too. --[[User:ASDamick|Rdr. Andrew]] 10:4249, 26 Jan 2005 (CST)
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