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Antidoron & Prosphora
:: Thanks for the inputs, the indiscriminate use of the terms antidoron/prosphora (at least in our communtity which has a Greek parish and our OCA mission) was precisely why our priest gave a short explanation of which was which. --[[User:RdrChristopher|Rdr. Chris]] 09:29, 26 Jan 2005 (CST)
:I'll solicit an article from Fr. George of since he's a friend of mine from seminary. In my mind, antidoron (lit. "instead of the gifts") refers to the blessed but not consecrated bread distributed to the faithful (and sometimes others) after Communion. "Prosphora" ("offering") refers to all the bread baked, which then is brought in, used for the Lamb and commemorations, and then some of which is distributed as antidoron.
:Also, perhaps someone will correct me, but it seems that, however many loaves are used for antidoron in Greek practice, only one is used for the [[prothesis]] - i.e. the Lamb and the commemorations. Of course, we use five small loaves in Russian tradition, one for the Lamb, one for the Theotokos, one for the saints, one for the living, and one for the departed. What remains from all of those loaves of [[prosphora]] is used as [[antidoron]] (so there is no waste). If a bishop is serving, he may have his own loaves for the living and the departed. [[User:|]]
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