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Talk:Divine Liturgy

118 bytes added, 13:10, January 26, 2005
Lots of Markup leading to a "portal" article: is me.
:I added a "Bibliographical Resources" section, with several titles that I'm familiar with. I declined to list several seminal texts on liturgical studies in general, such as the obvious ''Shape of Liturgy'' by Dix, ''Introduction to Liturgical Theology'' by Schmemann, or ''Byzantine Rite'' by Taft, feeling that these would belong more appropriately in a more general article. --[[User:|]] 07:08, 26 Jan 2005 (CST)
:Gah. Sorry, I need to pay closer attention. Those edits are me. :-/ --[[User:Basil|Basil]] 07:10, 26 Jan 2005 (CST)

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